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 Please consider supporting us!




Volunteer your time and skills. 

  • Attend events and help with various support activities such as serving food.
  • Lead a craft workshop.
  • Serve on the Board of Directors.
  • Provide transportation to our club members.
  • Offer suggestions for future events.
  • Tell others about Hollywood Dreams.


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  • Help Hollywood Dreams automatically, every time you shop.  No hidden fees.  No vague percentages.  No limits.  And, a donation check is sent directly to us on a regular basis.


Volunteer your resources. 

  • Make a financial contribution of any size to Hollywood Dreams.  Mail a check to:  PO Box 121, North Bend, OR 97459.   Of course, because we are a 501(c)3 corporation, all donations are deductible on your taxes and are greatly appreciated by Hollywood Dreams.


Host an event or sponsor an attendee at an event.

  • We typically offer 2-3 events every month for our club members.  Past activities have included jet boat trips, bingo, dance parties with a DJ, Bandon’s Wild Game Park, parades, cosmic bowling, bird shows, skating and movies.  In 2012 some examples of our activities were as follows:

Tall Ships Tour

Pizza Party & Coquille Sawdust Theatre

Christmas Party with Music by Sea Breeze Harmony

North Bend Fire Department Tour and Picnic

Coast Guard Helicopter Station Tour and Picnic

Community Dance and Dinner

Pumpkin Decorating and Lunch

Bandon Cranberry Festival and Lunch on the Waterfront

Elvis Impersonator

Pontoon Boat Ride and Picnic Lunch

                   Monthly Picnics, May through September, with Entertainment

  •  Along with these social events, we also offered two educational workshops during the past year.

An educational workshop for women:  How to Protect Yourself from Sexual Assault and Abuse.  Event also included a Chinese buffet lunch.

An educational workshop for men:  How to Deal with Bullying, Ridicule and Being Taken Advantage Of.  Event also included a Chinese buffet lunch.

  • We ask a $2 donation from each of our members for many of our events, even though the average cost of an event is usually around $300-$400 for site charges, mileage, food, entertainment and miscellaneous.  Even a $2 donation can be too much of a burden for some of our club members, given their limited resources, and we provide event scholarships for them.
  • As governmental programs continue to be cut or eliminated, people with developmental disabilities don’t have much, and they are very deserving.  Some are quite limited in what they can do, while others are high functioning people that hold down jobs.  Our events and programs provide them with regular opportunities to connect and associate with others, which they otherwise lack.  It makes a huge difference to them and significantly enriches their lives. Would you be willing to sponsor an event?  Or, simply contribute to the fund that provides event scholarships to people who are unable to pay?  Any contribution will be greatly appreciated, and is tax deductible.