Welcome, everyone, to our website.  Our website serves as your place for news and information about Hollywood Dreams. If there is something specific you need to know that is not covered here, please click “Contact Us” above and we’ll do our best to help you.

Our Mission: Hollywood Dreams is a social club for people with developmental disabilities.  Our members’ disabilities range from relatively mild (with which people can do most things anyone else can) to severe (which includes significant limitations), but our members share a kinship and a common bond.  While many people with developmental disabilities can feel as if they don’t quite “fit in” when attending activities with mainstream society, they always have a sense of belonging at Hollywood Dreams events; we make sure of that.

Our Guidance: We are guided by our Board of Directors and hold 2 to 3 events each month for our members.  These events are designed to provide opportunities for socialization and fellowship, of course, but they’re also crafted to educate, promote new friendships, delight and broaden the horizons of our members.  And, they are intended to be fun.

Fun Events For Members: Previous events have included a luau with ukulele concert, a pontoon boat ride, visits to Wildlife Safari in Winston, tours of the North Bend Fire Station and the Coast Guard helicopter facility, a bingo party, kite flying in Lincoln City, touring the Tall Ships, discovering the Newport Aquarium, holiday parties, pumpkin decorating, picnics, and many more.   At some of our gatherings we may learn new skills or do community service, just as any other social group would do.  Some of the events (such as our annual “Birthday Bash”) are free, but usually, attendees pay $2 for an event, which typically includes a meal.  Our members are welcome to bring a companion or caregiver.

Our Website: We’re proud of our new website, and we are committed to keeping it current and up-to-date, making changes as they suggest themselves.  Your ideas for improving this website and making it more useful in any way are encouraged; please let us hear from you, and thank you for your interest in Hollywood Dreams! We would like to thank Mark Magill, for making this website happen.  Mark is our volunteer Webmaster, and took our site from long-held plan to reality.  His expertise and the generosity with which he shared it were simply invaluable.

Come Back!: Please check this website regularly for more news and information.

(This Welcome message was updated November 25, 2016 – Our website has now been online for 3 years.)


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  1. The website is wonderful. I know it’s been a struggle finding someone to develop and maintain it so thanks Mark and Mary. Keep up the good work!

    Mary Giles | Jun 28, 2013 | Reply

  2. Thank your for your comment, Mrs. Giles. I set up the framework, gave basic instructions how to fill in the content, and posted a single “We’re here, and we’re working on it” type message. Mary then just took off and ran with it, setting up all of the details pages, main content, and other areas in a single day! This is a very user-friendly type of blog system (WordPress) but still takes some skill to produce nice content, and I’m truly impressed by what she did in such a short time!


    admin | Jun 30, 2013 | Reply

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